About The Society

 Khaja Education Society strives to :

  • Revive Islamic ethos through education.
  • Impart religious knowledge along with modern, scientific and technological education to the students of Muslim community, with a view to enable them to achieve all round development of their personalities.
  • Foster communal harmony, world peace and universal brotherhood.
  • Inculcate love and understanding, tolerance and respect for others.

Caring for Muslim community : Concern for all

Khaja Education Society was initially created to nurture the hopes and aspirations of Muslim community. However its philanthropic approach and compassion for the unprivileged sections of the humanity has enabled it to provide path-breaking service since its existence. It has worked for the upliftment of all, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Moreover, Khaja Education Society fosters communal harmony, peace, tolerance, equality, love, understanding and truthfulness. The various educational institutions that come under the wings of the Society helped in continuing this mission.

Specific Aims

  • To establish and manage Institutions which imparts Islamic, Religious and Arabic studies.
  • To promote and provide for secular education particularly for Muslim students and Urdu speaking minority communities. It is, however, open for students of other communities. Also to establish and run schools, colleges with Urdu or English as Medium of Instruction to teach Regional, Classical and foreign languages and also to establish and run Technical, Medical, Unani, Engineering professional institutions / colleges, Research Centres and Charitable Hospitals etc.
  • To establish and maintain general Hostels for students, working women and destitute home for women.
  • To establish and run the centres of adult education, women welfare and reading room and libraries.
  • To establish and run Handicraft, Industrial and Teacher Training Centres.
  • To establish Oriental and Indian language teaching institutions.
  • To establish and run rehabilitation centres for orphans and juvenile.

The seats of learning established by the Society

The first step that Khaja Education Society took after its inception was giving a new life to the existing schools – Madrasah-i Deeniya and Madrasah-i Huffaz, which have a legacy of centuries behind them. Its journey has continued with the establishment of educational institutions in rapid succession for boys as well as girls.

Apart from the above minority institutions the Society manages four hostels:

  • Khaja Bandanawaz Institute of Medical Sciences Girls Hostel
  • Khaja Bandanawaz Institute of Medical Sciences Boys Hostel
  • Khaja Bandanawaz College of Engineering Hostel
  • Darul Uloom Diniya (Arabic School) Hostel
The modern methods of mentoring minds

Khaja Education Society offers modern education aimed at all sections of the society.

Nursery and Primary Schools

The Society runs an Urdu Medium Khaja Nursery & Primary School with a strength of over 100 students and Nasheman School with a strength of more than 1000 students. It also started Sayyid Akbar Husayni School (English Medium – ICSE) in 1989. This quality institution is soon going to be developed into a residential school to impart education on par with international standards.

High Schools for Boys & Girls

In 1961, the two middle schools for Boys and Girls were transformed into integrated high schools namely: Khaja High School for Boys (Urdu Medium) and Bi Bi Raza Girls High School (Urdu Medium). Nasheman Girls High School was established in 1996.

Colleges for Women

Recognising the need for women to acquire higher education in the most conducive atmosphere, Khaja Education Society started BiBi Raza Junior College in 1975. It was upgraded to BiBi Raza Degree College for Women in 1977. Today, two Women’s Colleges are functioning separately offering a variety of streams including Arts and several branches of Science. Lectures are arranged for students on moral education and ethics.  Post Graduation courses in English Literature and Mass Communication and Journalism were started in the year 2009-2010.  The first batch came out in 2011 with flying colours.

Intermediate College

Sayyid Akbar Husayni School (ICSE) is now annexed with a Junior College (PUC) on the 14 acres of land.

Study Centre

In 1998, the Bi Bi Raza Degree College was opted as the Study Centre for Moulana Azad National Urdu University to impart distant Education. The Study centre is now offering graduation courses in BA, B.Sc. and B.Com with Post-graduation courses in Urdu & History. Recently M.A. in English was also added.

Professional Colleges

As a commitment towards providing professional education to the minorities, the Khaja Education Society started Khaja Bandanawaz College of Engineering (KBNCE) in 1980 and Khaja Bandanawaz Institute of Medical Sciences (KBNIMS) in 2000. In the year 1992, Khaja Bandanawaz School of Nursing was started which provides 3 ½ year General Nursing and Midwifery course.

Internet Lab

INTERNET facility in various departments has helped our faculty and students to synchronize themselves on par with their syllabus, strengthen their technical knowledge and upgrade their talents to face competitive markets, after graduation where we wish our students to perform to extreme levels.

A dedicated Internet Lab with high configuration computer systems is provided within the premises of the college for the Staff and students of Engineering, Medical and other institutions of the Society. Presently, this Lab has a 24 hour connectivity.

Sl. No. Name of the Institution Year Est
Darul Uloom Diniya (Arabic School affiliated to Jamia Nizamia, Hyderabad)
Age Old
Khaja High School for Boys
Bi Bi Raza Girls High School
Bi Bi Raza Pre-University College for Women
Nasheman Nursery & Higher Primary School
Bi Bi Raza Degree College for Women
Khaja Bandanawaz College of Engineering
Khaja Bandanawaz Teaching & General Hospital
Sayyid Akbar Husayni School (ICSE)
Khaja Bandanawaz School and College of Nursing
Khaja Nursery & Primary School
Nasheman Girls High School
Bi Bi Raza Study Centre of Distance Education (Affiliated to Moulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad)
Khaja Bandanawaz Institute of Medical Sciences
Sayyid Akbar Husayni Pre University College
Bi Bi Raza Post Graduation Centre (English Literature and Mass Communication and Journalism)
Khaja Bandanawaz House of Sports
Sayyid Akbar Husayni Degree College
Sayyid Akbar Husayni College of Education
Khaja Bandanawaz University
** After establishment of Khaja Bandanawaz University in 2018 all the higher educational institutions established by Khaja Education Society came under the ambit of Khaja Bandanawaz University.

Video Conferencing

Since technology started breaking barriers in various fields, Virtual World sounds very much LIVE & REAL. Thanks to the technology, that bridged the connectivity & communication gap between the two ends of the globe. Both AUDIO & VISUAL communication channels were combined together, thrown open for REAL TIME COMMUNICATION.

VIDEO CONFERENCING is in the process of being introduced to enable our Medical College (KBNIMS) students to watch LIVE OPERATIONS executed by our Doctors, at our hospital (KBNTGH) and at other hospitals in India and abroad.

KBNCE is in the process of tie-up with various companies for organizing GUEST LECTURES of eminent TECHNICAL/DOMAIN SPECIFIC PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS via VIDEO CONFERENCING, which will boost student’s technical skills. This will enable our staff & students to participate in virtual seminars, present their papers and more as we wish to integrate with other engineering colleges for sharing of knowledge.


I.T. Section of KES was established in 2012 with state-of-the-art servers connecting all the institutions of KES.  Internet access with 150 mbps fibre optic dedicated network is available 24/7.  Wi-Fi facilities were installed in the premises of colleges and hostels.  KES, believes in utilization and implementation of technology, for the better future of our institutions and students. Proposal for providing precise/relevant ONLINE information to the respective parents, whose children are pursuing quality education at our professional institutions, connecting parents to relevant Lecturers/Professors virtually, will become a reality at KES, which will be achieved through IT RELATED SERVICES module being implemented by KES.

A sound body for a sound mind

KBN Cricket Coaching Academy was started in 2006 and is affiliated to Karnataka State Cricket Association, Raichur Zone. All interested students of the institutions managed by Khaja Education Society are given Cricket Coaching by qualified and National level coaches at the special Turf ground. The academy possesses all the playing kits and nets necessary for coaching. The required machinery and tools such as rollers, cutters, sprinklers etc. are available to keep the ground which has been turfed in condition.

The Khaja Bandanawaz House of Sports has been created to nurture a sound body that will house a sound mind.  Physical activity and training has been advised by the sages and wise men in all ages since the dawn of civilization.

In particular competitive sports not only sharpen the keenness to win but also teach the individual the importance of team spirit, sportsmanship of losing with grace and trying again


The journey ahead…

Khaja Education Society always keeps itself in tune with the changing needs of the humanity. In view of this, it is presently engaged in developing the following projects:

Projects in the Pipeline

  • Khaja High School (Phase II)
  • BiBi Raza Girls’ High School (Phase II)
  • Sayyid Akbar Husayni School (Phase I)
  • Khaja Bandanawaz General Hospital (Teaching) 750 Beds
  • Engineering College (Shifting)
  • Nasheman Higher Primary School
  • Sayyid Akbar Husayni Pre-University College
  • Darul Uloom Diniya (Arabic School)
Strength that comes from within…

Khaja Education Society’s Managing Committee had always strongly believed in “what our employees want to do and what they can do”. The positive and dedicated contribution of our team of employees towards growth of our colleges was the major reason which contributed towards their growth into full-fledged institutions.

Khaja Education Society had been marching ahead with aggressive speed, where we have added an institution to institution. .

Establishment of Khaja Bandanawaz University in 2018

It is the vision of Dr. Khusro Hussaini, the President of Khaja Education Society to establish a University by name “Khaja Bandanawaz University (KBNU)” bringing under its ambit all the Higher Educational Institutions run and managed by Khaja Education Society. It is his efforts which have now brought these institutions to the present level. With the experience in running a number of Higher Educational Institutions for nearly five decades, the management under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Khusro Hussaini has thought it fit to establish a Private University at Kalaburagi.

The Khaja Education Society applied for a Private University to the Government of Karnataka on 23rd Feb., 2017. The inspection of the Higher Educational Institutes of the Society was conducted by the Screening Committee constituted by the Higher Education Department of Government of Karnataka.

After satisfying with the basic infrastructure and requirements available with the institutions of the society, the Government of Karnataka passed the Khaja Bandanawaz University Bill 2018 in both the houses of Legislature.

The Bill received the assent of His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka on 19th April, 2018 and published in the Karnataka Gazettee Extra-ordinary on 21st April, 2018.  After the Gazettee Notification of Government of Karnataka bearing No. ED 244 URC 2018 dated 23rd August, 2018 the KHAJA BANDANAWAZ UNIVERSITY came into existence.  The Government of Karnataka vide its notification No.  ED 07 URC 2019 dated 08-02-2019 granted permanent Minority Status to the Khaja Bandanawaz University.

The Managing Committee of the Sponsoring Body i.e., Khaja Education Society in its meeting held on 27th August, 2018 resolved to appoint His Holiness Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini as the First Chancellor of the University.